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Health and safety training

Health and safety training

At RJ Walsh Roofing Ltd we recognise our responsibilities:


1. To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

2. To provide training, instructions and enable our specialists to perform their work safely.

3. To maintain a continuing and progressive interest in health and safety.

4. To take into account all statutory requirements for health and safety procedures.

5. To consult and involve employees in health and safety matters where possible.

6. All our roofing specialists have a duty to co-operate in the implementation of our health and safety policy by:

  • Meeting their statutory duties

  • Working safely on all projects

  • Reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage

  • Following health and safety procedures and safe systems of work

7. Customised method statements and risk assessments are assigned to all work undertaken


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Our responsibilities

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At RJ Walsh Roofing Ltd, health and safety is our top priority and we look upon the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for our roofing specialists and our customers.


  • All staff are asbestos trained and know how to recognise, remove and dispose asbestos safely avoiding any risks.

  • Working at height training is also completed by all staff including fall arrest and fall restraint procedures.

  • First aid training is completed by all employees in order to act safely and promptly in an emergency.


It is therefore our policy to do all that is possible to prevent personal injury to an individual, avoid damage to property and to protect everyone from foreseeable hazards and dangers. This also includes the public, in so far as they come into contact with our roofing company or its projects and activities undertaken in Gloucester. For total peace of mind we are fully covered with public liability insurance.

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