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Flat roofing services

Do you feel that a flat roof is best suited for your home? Our roofing experts at RJ Walsh Roofing Ltd will install the perfect flat roof for you that is strong and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Have flat roof sections, tiled roofing or slate roofing built over porches, garages and dormers on your property in Gloucester. We also specialise in GRP fibreglass roofing, contact us today to find out more.


When you choose to have a flat roof you'll also need to keep it clean. This is essential in avoiding leaks and damages and cleaning can be a tedious task. When you hire us for your project, we will take care of all aspects of flat roof repairs and maintenance work.

A perfect flat roof for your home

• Flat roof repairs

• GRP fibreglass roofing

• Roof cleaning services

• Firestone Rubbercover

• Flat roof replacements

• Roofline repairs and guttering work

• Roof extensions for garages, porches and much more


If your roof is damaged after a storm you can get quality repairs with Aaron Roofing, SIG Roofing and GRP fibreglass materials at affordable prices from RJ Walsh Roofing Ltd in Gloucester. All our work comes with full public liability insurance, so you will be covered by more than just your roof!

Choose from a range of flat roof services:

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